21 Jun, 20229:30 am-3:00 pm

This online training day has been designed specifically for headteachers and leaders across Single- and Multi- Academy Trusts, based on our research with the education sector. We understand that SAT and MAT governance can be challenging, and that the pandemic has caused a number of additional demands – as well as new opportunities.

Ensuring clarity of understanding between executive and strategic functions is inherently key to effective governance and successful school management. This has never been more crucial as the sector continues to work to recover and build-back from the wide-ranging effects of COVID-19. This training will support Trust leaders to better understand the key features of effective governance and how to build effective working relationships with Trustees and Local Governors in order to ensure clarity across all operational and strategic roles.  This will, in turn, help to ensure effective accountability for the activity of the Trust.

Every trust must ensure robust governance and leadership structures are in place to deliver the best outcomes for every pupil, echoed by the commitments and plans made by government in the Schools White Paper, Opportunity for All. With a greater focus now on schools working effectively within a trust structure, join with fellow Trust leaders on this course and work to enhance practices in your own academy trust.


Learning objectives

  • Understand the key features of effective governance in an academy trust
  • Examine the differences between executive and strategic functions, and how these roles should be demonstrated by leadership teams, Trustees and Local Governors
  • Discuss effective methods for building effective working relationships with Local Governors and Trustees
  • Develop robust accountability metrics across executive and governance functions
  • Analyse how to embed positive changes in working practices with Trustees and Local Governors moving forward, including better utilising technology to enhance governance
  • Improve Trust leaders’ understanding of the challenges faced by Trustees and Local Governors in order to better understand the role of those involved in Trust governance


9:30 am
Login and Accessing Training Platform

*This training will run entirely via an online platform. Specific joining instructions and guidance will be provided to registered delegates

9:45 am
Trainer’s Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Note that all of today’s sessions will be interactive, and attendees will have regular opportunities to pose questions to the expert trainer, have their concerns heard, and leave the day equipped to develop and improve governance practices within their Trust.

In this first session, participants will have the opportunity to share their key challenges, to help tailor the training through the day to your needs, and help you find solutions.

Each session through the day will encourage and allow time for questions and discussion.

10:00 am
Workshop 1: Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities - Leaders, Trustees/Directors and Local Governors

In this opening session, David will outline the key responsibilities involved in academy leadership and governance, and how these align with key roles across a Trust.

Based on guidance, including from the Department for Education and National Governance Association (NGA), you will:

  • Examine the strategic and executive functions
  • Better understand how academy management differs from governance

This session will enable you to:

  • Review your current structures
  • Assess the effectiveness of how roles are currently defined and divided
  • Begin to plan how to strengthen practices in your trust
11:00 am
Focused Discussion Session: Adapting Practices for Different Settings

This session will be an opportunity for you to share with peers more about your education setting, whether you work in a SAT or MAT, and discuss how you currently work with governance professionals.

Share what works, and what doesn’t, and debate how learnings from Workshop 1 can be adapted and implemented in your setting.

11:20 am
Morning Break and Networking

Connect with other delegates to discuss common challenges via the virtual chat function.

11:40 am
Workshop 2: Relationship Building – Strengthening Partnerships Between Leaders and Those Involved in Local Governance 

This workshop will support you to develop strategies around improving your working relationships with your Board of Trustees and Local Boards which will enable you to:

  • Deliver more efficient information sharing
  • Implement stronger reporting and accountability mechanisms

You will be guided on how to make better use of key documentation as part of enhancing your relationship with those who govern, including exploring areas to cover when:

  • Reporting to Boards of Trustees
  • Reporting to Local Boards
  • Reporting to Board Committees

This workshop will also explore the role of technology in supporting improved working relationships, including by maximising the increased flexibility online meetings allow for.

12:30 pm
Focused Discussion Session: The Changing Nature of Trust Governance

This session will be an opportunity for you to discuss with our expert trainer and your peers about how the pandemic has changed how you work with governance colleagues, what you need from them and their expectations of leaders and staff in schools.

Consider how you can move forward into the 2022/23 academic year with a plan for how to build on learnings and outcomes from the pandemic so far, and adapt your practices to best suit your needs, as well as those of pupils and governors.

12:50 pm
Afternoon Break and Networking

Connect with other delegates to discuss common challenges via the virtual chat function.

1:45 pm
Workshop 3: Preparing for Inspection – Demonstrating the Impact of Governance on Pupil Outcomes

This session will focus on the requirements of the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, breaking down the key elements that inspectors will look for from Trustees and Local Governors, and how each group is working with leadership teams, to ensure the strongest outcomes for every child.

Learn from our expert trainer and explore with peers how to:

  • Demonstrate the role that Boards at both levels play in monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning
  • Highlight the work of Trustees and leaders in ensuring wider enrichment opportunities for pupils, including as part of COVID catch-up and recovery
  • Underline the ways in which governance colleagues ensure that Trusts are meeting statutory requirements
2:30 pm
Interactive Troubleshooting and Discussion Session

This session will allow time for participants to highlight any key questions or concerns on how to improve governance in their contexts, if these have not yet been addressed through the day.

Share challenges you may be facing, how you’ve overcome challenges in the past, and how you will take learnings from the day back into your contexts.

3:00 pm
Key Takeaways, Summary and Evaluation

*Programme subject to change