29 Mar, 20229:00 am-4:20 pm
Online Conference
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The Data Breakdown: Graduate Outcomes will offer the latest practical insights on how Graduate Outcomes can be used and interpreted across the higher education sector. Attendees will participate in five deep dive workshops examining HESA’s development of the dataset, how the first releases can be interpreted and how the data can be used to drive service design and strategic decision making across the sector.

The five deep dive workshops will include:

  • HESA Clinic: The Development of Graduate Outcomes and the Approach to Continuous Improvement
  • The Data Breakdown: What Do We Know from the First Data Releases?
  • Using Graduate Outcomes to Measure Performance, Benchmark and Evaluate Progress
  • Helpful Data Tips for Maximising Value, Effective Benchmarking and Increasing Stakeholder Engagement from Graduate Outcomes
  • Using Graduate Outcomes to Inform Course and Service Design


9:00 am
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9:30 am
Chair’s Welcome Address
Laura Knox
Laura Knox
Executive Member, HESPA
Director of Planning, University of St Andrews
9:40 am
HESA Clinic: The Development of Graduate Outcomes and the Approach to Continuous Improvement

This ‘Clinic’ session will provide an update on HESA’s evolving approach to the collection of data as part of the Graduate Outcomes Survey. The session will allow you to consider how the survey is changing and how this should feature within an institution’s planning.

Neha Agarwal
Neha Agarwal
Head of Research and Insight
10:40 am
Break and Networking
11:00 am
The Data Breakdown: What Do We Know from the First Data Releases?

This deep dive session will provide an extensive analysis of the key trends, outcomes and motivators that can be unpicked from the Graduate Outcomes data releases. The session will evaluate new insights the dataset has revealed and will consider how institutions can use the core themes to drive their planning.

This data breakdown will explore:

  • The core trends in the post-18 employment market and how job-seeking is evolving
  • What we have learnt on the graduate voice, motivators and satisfaction
  • How university degrees and experience align with skills used
  • Key indicators on regional trends and institutional trends
  • Understanding graduate’s choices and decision making
  • Recognising limitations of the data and how institutions can build the lag into planning
Charlie Ball
Charlie Ball
Head of Higher Education Intelligence
12:00 pm
Break and Virtual Networking
12:20 pm
Workshop: Helpful Data Tips for Maximising Value, Effective Benchmarking and Increasing Stakeholder Engagement from Graduate Outcomes

This practical workshop session will allow you to consider how your Graduate Outcomes data can be used and compared against in a variety of ways. The session will give practical ideas and tips on how understanding the various indicators and benchmarking can provide insight and increase stakeholder engagement at all levels.

The session will consider:

  • How Graduate Outcomes can be used as an indicator within KPIs and what it looks like from senior management to operational stakeholders
  • Effective benchmarking to understand performance, competitors and reputation
  • Taking control of the datasets for efficient monitoring, increased engagement and future planning.
  • Embedding Graduate Outcomes indicators within a portfolio of institution-wide metrics
Stefan Melgaard
Stefan Melgaard
Data Analyst - Careers and Employability, University of Liverpool
AGCAS Graduate Data Group
1:20 pm
Break and Virtual Networking
2:00 pm
Workshop: Delivering Strategic Insights: How to Effectively Use Graduate Outcomes Data to Drive Decision Making

How can Graduate Outcomes be used a part of the toolkit for evidence-led decision making by strategic planners and higher education leaders? This session will explore the key considerations in harnessing the dataset to make decisions on investment, resources, planning and strategy.

The session will examine:

  • How Graduate Outcomes data can broaden the picture on evidence-led market insights
  • Using the dataset to recognise areas for improvement, including on skill development and the value of courses
  • Assessing how insights on graduate choice and opportunities can inform strategy
  • Recognising the limitations on the dataset and how to avoid lagged decision making
  • Broadening your market intelligence capabilities through Graduate Outcomes
Jackie Njoroge
Jackie Njoroge
Director of Strategy
University of Salford
3:00 pm
Break and Virtual Networking
3:20 pm
Workshop: Using Graduate Outcomes to Inform Course and Service Design

Graduate Outcomes now offers a wealth of insight on the skills acquired by students, the value of their courses and how they are harnessing their qualifications to enter the employment market.

This session will examine how departmental and service leaders can use that insight to ask questions of their performance and consider how they can enhance provision to better meet the needs of students entering the labour market.

This practical session will allow you to develop an action plan based on linking the dataset to service improvement.

  • Recognising knowledge and skills gaps of graduates
  • Examining how a service has prepared students for the employment market
  • Developing insights on service performance
  • Assessing how course content, delivery and teaching design can respond to data insights
  • Harnessing Graduate Outcomes data to develop career service provision
  • Identifying skills needs and changes in demand in the job market and ensuring student services reflect this
Martin Perfect
Martin Perfect
Director of Student Employability
University of Gloucestershire
4:20 pm
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The Data Breakdown event is designed for all those in higher education concerned with understanding the use of Graduate Outcomes data and how it can be utilised. Those in attendance will include:

  • Heads of Strategic Planning
  • Directors of Graduate Employability
  • Pro Vice Chancellors
  • Heads of Data
  • Heads of Market Intelligence
  • Heads of Strategic Insights
  • Directors of Teaching and Learning
  • Directors of Student Services


  • Online Conference (HE and Public Sector)
    £295 + VAT
  • Online Conference (Voluntary Sector Small <£1m Income)
    £195 + VAT
  • Online Conference (Voluntary Sector Large >£1m Income)
    £245 + VAT
  • Online Conference (Private Sector)
    £395 + VAT
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