22 Sep, 20209:00 am-4:15 pm
Online Conference

Offender Management 2020 will offer a leading platform to share strategies for ensuring effective offender management across the sector and in the UK.

How does an Online IG Interactive Conference work?

  • A full day event delivered via an interactive online platform
  • Opportunities for virtual networking and discussion
  • Speaker sessions delivered with live presentations and resources
  • Live interaction tools and match-making networking opportunities
  • Varied formats and screen breaks to support an engaging experience
  • Post-event resources to facilitate implementation of key takeaways


The Offender Management 2020 Conference will offer leading insights into the latest initiatives and strategies around offender management. From the changing role of the voluntary sector to the renationalisation of probation services, attendees will assess the current state of Offender Management across the country as presented by HM Prison and Probation Services, Clinks and We Are With You.


This Forum is specifically designed for the Criminal Justice Sector and Third-Sector organisations involved in Offender Management. Typical job titles include:

  • Prison Support Officers
  • Prison Managers
  • Case Managers
  • Probation Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Commissioning Leads
  • Liaison Managers
  • Chief Constables
  • Chief Executives
  • Heads of Offender Management
  • Head of Reducing Reoffending
  • IOM Managers
  • Directors and Managers of Operations
  • Employment Managers


For any more information regarding the tickets and prices please contact us on enquiries@offendermanagementconf.co.uk



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