09 Feb, 202210 Feb, 2021
Online Conference
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The School Data Conference is the one conference you will need for all your school data requirements. This year’s virtual conference will provide you with access to the all latest updates and insights from policymakers, researchers and sector leaders regarding how to collect, interpret and utilise data in your education setting.

Join together with peers and experts to better inform your data usage, planning and decision-making around whole school improvement and the latest GDPR compliance processes.

Day 1 of this year’s conference will deliver vital information from the Department for Education on how data in schools can and should be used to ensure progress following the impact of the pandemic, while the Education Policy Institute will outline the latest evidence on pupil attainment and how to ensure accountability for data collection and use in your school. You will also have the opportunity to be at the forefront of thinking on the next steps in data compliance, in light of the government consultation to build on UK GDPR.

Day 2 of the School Data Conference 2022 provides the opportunity for you to engage in workshops led by experts and tailored to your education setting, to give you the support you need to enhance your approach to harnessing data. You will evaluate the next steps in implementing improved data insights, developing evidence-based interventions and utilising data to enhance teaching and learning outcomes across a school, particularly in relation to your efforts to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

With the autumn spending review 2021 allocating an additional £4.7 billion for the core schools budget in England, use this opportunity to assess how you’re use of data can help make effective use of increased funding to drive school improvement and recovery efforts.

Key Features of an IG Online Conference

  • Match making networking and live delegate meet ups
  • Replay functions so you never miss a session
  • Live chat, questioning and polling tools
  • Real time resources and presentations
  • Next generation conference engagement platform
  • Topic based discussion groups


This Conference is specifically designed for Primary and Secondary Schools. Those in attendance will include:

  • Headteachers and Executive Headteachers
  • Assistant and Deputy Headteachers
  • Principals and Vice Principals
  • Data Managers
  • Chairs of Governors and Governors
  • Directors of Learning
  • Education Improvement Advisers
  • Education and Information Officers
  • School Improvement Officers
  • School Performance Managers
  • Heads of Assessment
  • Project Managers
  • Senior Education Advisers