20 Oct, 20229:30 am-3:00 pm

In light of continued challenges for school leaders, staff and pupils as a result of the pandemic, while Ofsted inspections have returned with an expectation of progress and development, there has never been a more important time for schools to have a robust school improvement plan in place.

Whether you use development plans, strategic plans or whole-school plans, join with peers at this tailored online training for all school leaders to discuss and discover proven ways of creating and implementing strategies for change that work, and ensure quality outcomes for every child.

Exploring elements of data collection and use, ongoing challenges related to COVID-19, inspectorate expectations and evidence-based solutions, this training day provides a guided approach to reviewing and renewing your methodology for school improvement.

It is imperative that every school leader has the skills and knowledge to develop a quality school improvement plan, and understands how to allow for adaptive implementation. Join together with our expert trainer and fellow school and trust leaders, to discuss, explore and learn together – and ensure your school is not left behind.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the barriers to quality data collection and analysis to inform your school improvement plan
  • Explore what information you as a school leader need to develop a quality plan that will deliver impact
  • Learn effective approaches to target setting and monitoring, to ensure success
  • Assess the importance of attendance and how to work better with parents and carers
  • Access support on developing evidence-based strategies related to key areas of Ofsted’s EIF
  • Understand the role of all staff in supporting the development and delivery of your plan
  • Create a renewed evidence-based and research-informed plan for your school


9:30 am
Login and Accessing Training Platform

*This training will run entirely via an online platform. Specific joining instructions and guidance will be provided to registered delegates in advance.

9:45 am
Trainer’s Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Note that all of today’s sessions will be interactive, and attendees will have regular opportunities to pose questions to our expert trainer, have their concerns heard, and leave the day equipped to develop and deliver a quality School Improvement Plan.

In this first session, participants will have the opportunity to share their key challenges, to help tailor the training through the day to your needs, and help you find solutions.

Each session through the day will encourage and allow time for questions and discussion.

10:00 am
Workshop One: Planning for Improvement - What You Need to Know and How to Collect the Right Data

This session will provide practical advice and guidance on reviewing how you collect and analyse data in your school.

Consider the ways in which your current approach could be holding back progress in your school or trust, and how to better understand the staff and student context to further tailor your development and improvement plans.

Key action points will include:

  • Reviewing the changes to monitoring and evaluation, as well as forward planning, in light of COVID-19
  • Learning to take a holistic approach to school improvement planning, understanding the factors and reasons behind key outcomes being hit or missed
  • Considering the nuances of disadvantage that can influence targets and outcomes, and how to take an individualised approach to the development of each child as part of wider school improvement planning
  • Identify the correct diagnostics required for your context, and how to ensure targets are specific enough to relate to evidence and impact
11:15 am
Morning Break and Networking
11:30 am
Workshop Two: Strategies That Work for School Improvement

This session will offer practical advice and guidance on proven strategies for school improvement, based on research-informed evidence and lived experience.

Key action points will include:

  • Learn how to embed the EEF’s three-tiered approach into your school improvement plan
  • Explore specific elements to feed into this approach including:
  • High-quality teaching: Maximising learning, diagnostic assessment and curriculum adaptation
  • Targeted academic support: Approaches to tuition, and delivering SEND provision
  • Wider strategies: Approaches to tuition, social and emotional learning, and supporting mental health
  • How to incorporate improved attendance into school improvement planning, including working with parents and carers, to ensure pupils are in school to benefit from targeted strategies
  • Embedding regular monitoring and progress reviews through implementation of key strategies, allowing for adaptations where required
12:30 pm
Discussion Session: Challenges and Opportunities in Your School or Trust

This session will provide participants with the opportunity to share specific struggles in building and/or implementing school improvement and development plans, as well as discuss priorities for the 2022/23 academic year.

Seek advice from the expert trainer on how to overcome key challenges and meet priorities in your school or trust, as well as learning from fellow attendees on what has worked well in other contexts.

1:00 pm
Lunch Break and Networking
1:45 pm
Workshop Three: Building Your School Improvement Plan

This session will offer a step-by-step guide to creating a new school improvement or development plan, outlining vital points for consideration, helping you ensure an adequate level of detail, and a robust structure that will meet the needs of Ofsted.

Key action points will include:

  • Determining priorities for staff as part of a renewed plan, without adding to existing workloads
  • Finding the right template plan for your context, considering the use of the Ofsted Framework or EEF guidance as the basis for your structure
  • How to share your plan with the whole school community, and ensure middle leaders are prominent in the planned roll out and implementation of strategies
  • Creating a structure of self-evaluation for all elements of your plan, and how individual staff can take on responsibility for regular monitoring and evaluation
2:30 pm
Interactive Questions and Answers Session

This session will provide the opportunity for participants to explore any outstanding questions based on sessions through the day, or on the development of your own specific plan.

Gain further insights from the expert trainer as well as peers to leave the day equipped to deliver real change in your school or trust.

2:50 pm
Summary and Key Takeaways

With the help of the expert trainer, recap on the key points from the training, and identify the next steps for your school improvement journey.

3:00 pm
Feedback, Evaluation and Close


*Programme subject to change