30 Nov, 20218:45 am-3:30 pm
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The TEF Reset Conference 2021: What to Expect from Teaching Excellence Framework in 2022 and Beyond

The TEF Reset Conference 2021 will examine the next steps in the development of a new framework for teaching excellence and student outcomes in line with the Office for Students’ Autumn 2021 Consultation. The Conference will assess what the future of the Framework will look like, how it can embed the recommendations of the Pearce Review and how institutions can prepare for submissions in 2022.

This in person Conference will also feature a range of interactive sessions including live roundtables on the core components of the new Framework, as well as workshops on how the new Office for Students’ Quality and Standards Conditions will align with the TEF.

What to Expect

  • An update from the OfS on its new TEF Consultation
  • Debate an discussion on the direction and proposals for the new Framework
  • An analysis of how the Pearce Review will shape the new Framework
  • 3 roundtables on the core areas for the enhancement in the new Framework

In Addition to the In Person Event: An Additional Interactive Platform and On Demand Sessions

Your TEF Reset delegate ticket also gives you access to our Conference online platform. Here you will be able to connect with attendees, set up virtual meetings before and after the Conference, engage in discussion boards and access exclusive on demand sessions.


  • Live Event
  • On Demand
8:45 am
Registration, Refreshments and Networking
9:30 am
Chair's Welcome Address
Professor Claire Taylor
Professor Claire Taylor
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Education Wrexham Glyndŵr University
Member, TEF Advisory Group
9:40 am
The TEF Reset: Back in the Room Icebreakers

With live events back, we will be kicking off the TEF Reset Conference with interactive icebreakers.

This session will allow you to get to know colleagues from across the sector and explore your key learning objectives for the day.

Expect lots of interaction and an opportunity to restart your face-to-face networking experience!

9:55 am
An OfS Update: Designing the New Framework for TEF
  • Development of the new framework as part of the OfS’ approach to quality and standards
  • OfS’s plans for consultation and next steps for the new framework
Graeme Rosenberg
Graeme Rosenberg
Head of TEF
Office for Students (OfS)
10:30 pm
Networking Break and Refreshments
10:50 am
The Pearce Review: What Does it Mean for the New TEF Framework?

In January 2021, the outcomes and recommendations were published from the Independent Review of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF).

The government accepted many of the high-level recommendations including the move to a 4 – 5 year Framework cycle and the scrapping of the existing rating system.

Ahead of the new Framework consultation and the development of revised metrics, this on demand session will examine what was learnt from the Pearce Review and examine how the new Framework can act on the recommendations of the evaluation

Dame Shirley Pearce DBE
Dame Shirley Pearce DBE
Independent Reviewer of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF)
11:20 am
Panel Discussion: Enhancing the Framework: How can the TEF Enhance Teaching Provision and Meet the Needs of Students?

In this evaluative discussion, teaching and learning leaders from across the sector will examine how the Framework can be optimised and deliver improved processes, metrics and outcomes. The session will explore:

  • How can the new framework both advance provision and provide information to students on teaching quality?
  • Can a more transparent process be developed which promotes simplicity and accuracy?
  • How can a nuanced grading system be developed which prevents blunt cliff edges and represents a more diverse array of metrics?
  • What are the next steps in developing a Framework which delivers value for the sector whilst reducing burden?
  • How can student feedback and NSS data be better reflected within outcomes?
Professor Osama Khan
Professor Osama Khan
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education
University of Surrey
Professor Paul Ashwin
Professor Paul Ashwin
Professor of Higher Education
Lancaster University
Professor Ruth Whittaker
Professor Ruth Whittaker
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students)
University of Brighton
12:20 pm
Networking Lunch
Roundtable Series: The Road to 2023: The Core Components of a New TEF Framework

In this roundtable series you will be able to examine some of the practical areas for enhancement in the new Framework. These sessions will allow you to assess the challenges faced in your institution amid the last iteration and how the new Framework can better meet the needs of the sector.

1:00 pm
Roundtable A: Student Voice and Feedback
Roscoe Hastings
Roscoe Hastings
Director of Academic Services
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
1:30 pm
Roundtable B: New Metrics, Data Submissions and Indicators
Dawn Kemp
Dawn Kemp
Head of Education Services
University of Leicester
2:00 pm
Roundtable C: Reducing Burden and Improving Value
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor
Member, TEF Advisory Group
Dean of Higher Education, Warwickshire College Group
2:30 pm
Break and Refreshments
2:50 pm
Workshop: Embedding International Value-Added into a New Framework for Teaching Excellence

Evidence to the Pearce Review exposed concerns that past TEF iterations had weaknesses in driving transparency around teaching quality on the international stage.

Institutions raised concerns that the TEF was confusing to international students as a guide to their likely experience and that there was not broad awareness of the Framework, as well as a sense that the rating system was misleading.

This workshop session will examine how the new Framework can deliver improved evidence on excellence in teaching and international student outcomes with a focus on:

  • Enhancing transparency and understanding of the metrics
  • Improving awareness and value to international audiences
Professor Claire Ozanne
Professor Claire Ozanne
Deputy Director and Provost
SOAS, University of London
3:20 pm
The TEF Reset Debrief

In our concluding “debrief” session, you will have the opportunity to assess what you learned from the Conference, how your institution can prepare for 2022 and beyond and what the new OfS Consultation means for the future of the Framework.

3:30 pm
Conference Close

*Programme subject to change

Your TEF Reset delegate ticket also gives you access to our Conference online platform. Here you will be able to connect with attendees, set up virtual meetings before and after the Conference, engage in discussion boards and access exclusive content.

The following sessions will be available ‘on demand’ for you to view a week in advance of the Conference and for a month after.

On Demand Session: The TEF Reset: What is the Real Purpose of the Framework?
Professor Judith Williams
Professor Judith Williams
Director of the Institute of Teaching and Learning
The University of Manchester
On Demand Session from the Chair of Main TEF Assessment Panel
Professor Janice Kay CBE
Professor Janice Kay CBE
Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Exeter
Chair, Main TEF assessment Panel for Subject-Level Pilots and Vice-Chair of the Main TEF Assessment Panel


This Conference is designed for the higher education sector. Those in attendance will include:

  • Directors of Teaching and Learning
  • Deans of Teaching and Learning
  • Associate Deans
  • Academic Directors
  • Academic Registrars
  • Pro Vice-Chancellors
  • Data Leads and Analysts
  • Heads of Department


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