05 Jul, 20229:30 am-3:15 pm
Online Training Course

The Utilising Customer Insight training course provides insight on data collection, segmentation and customer journey mapping to ensure the right services are able to provide in the best way possible.


Given the increasing pressure put on public services as a result of Covid-19, utilising customer insight can help you deliver more effective and efficient services. It is critical that you embrace customer insight to improve your understanding of your customers, increase user satisfaction and drive efficiencies.

Our Utilising Customer Insight course provides insight on specific techniques and data collection, including behaviour change, segmentation and customer journey mapping to ensure you are providing the right services in the best way.

Learn how to use these techniques to develop innovative services which feel right for your customers. Develop your own customer strategy to achieve organisational success.

Attend this course to learn from practical case studies and interactive workshops to improve the effectiveness of your services. Gain the knowledge to ensure your organisation improves customer retention and increases financial gains.

As a professional working within this space, you should attend this course to learn from practical case studies and interactive workshops that will, in turn, improve the effectiveness of your services whilst also improving satisfaction rates amongst your residents.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Deliver improved outcomes through building customer insight strategies and techniques into your service design
  • Learn how to create informed service delivery models through effective data analysis
  • Develop tailored behavioural insight analysis to reinforce existing customer experience strategies
  • Use segmentation and customer journey mapping to market and target services effectively
  • Develop an action plan to implement your customer insight strategy


9:30 am
Login and Accessing the Online Platform

*Please note this conference will run entirely via an online platform. Specific joining instructions and guidance will be provided to registered delegates

9:45 am
Chair’s Introduction & Clarification of Learning Objectives
Wilma Smythe
Wilma Smythe
CEO & Founder
Insight for Good
10:00 am
Creating Customer Focused Solutions Through Behavioural Insights
  • Determine how behavioural analysis can inform decision-making
  • Ensure that your behavioural insights reinforce existing customer experience strategies
  • Explore possible new inexpensive technologies to create a positive customer journey across all touchpoints
  • Develop a strategy that recognises the most useful technology for your services and avoids ‘wrong choices’
Elspeth Kirkman
Elspeth Kirkman
Long-term secondment – Behavioural Insights Team
11:00 am
Morning Break
11:20 am
Developing an Effective Customer Segmentation Within Your Organisation
  • Determining different segments based on the unique needs of your organisation
  • Evaluating different sources of data based on your goals and objectives, including secondary information and primary qualitative and quantitative research
  • Establishing hypotheses and understanding how to measure outcomes
  • Utilising the insights to personalise services and implement customer-led transformation
Lindsay Grant
Lindsay Grant
Customer Insight Specialist
Crown Commercial Service
12:05 pm
Lunch Break
12:00 pm
Using Customer Journey Mapping To Improve The Customer Experience
  • Identifying key touchpoints and points of friction for customers in your organisation such as duplicated forms or unnecessary information
  • Using the customer journey map to recognise the systems and processes which need reform and sharing the best practice for reform
  • Recapping key goals and measuring results against these goals to push for continuous improvement
  • Sharing tools and resources for building digital customer journey maps and flowcharts that can be shared with the team
Kate Roberts
Kate Roberts
Associate Director - Housing
IFF Research
1:35 pm
Comfort Break
1:15 pm
Developing and Implementing an Impactful Customer Insight Strategy

Create a next step action plan on how to effectively embed customer insight strategies in your organisation.

  • Learn how to embed customer insight into your organisation’s service design strategy
  • Enhance your use of data to inform both digital and verbal customer service
  • Learn how to design innovative services according to needs highlighted by customer experiences, social and emotional needs
  • Target and segment your audiences to ensure your organisation is supporting the most in need
  • Understand how to create a culture of customer satisfaction within your organisation
  • Learn how to put customer insight theory into practice and make a plan on how to implement this in your organisation
Wilma Smythe
Wilma Smythe
CEO & Founder
Insight for Good
2:35 pm
Discussion Workshop: Become inspired: Using Insights for Higher Social Impact and Innovation
  • Understand why putting the social, behavioural and emotional needs of your customers leads to successful innovations that have social impact
  • Apply the insights learned so far: in groups, discuss and analyse case studies and identify their levers for success
  • Consider new methodologies that combine different insight techniques for your social innovations to have real impact
Wilma Smythe
Wilma Smythe
CEO & Founder
Insight for Good
3:15 pm
Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change


  • Central/ Local Government/ NHS/ Housing
    £325 +VAT
  • Voluntary Sector Rate (Large Charities - Over £1m Income)
    £295 +VAT
  • Voluntary Sector Rate (Small Charities - Under £1m Income)
    £245 +VAT
  • Private Sector Rate
    £425 + VAT