11 Oct, 20229:30 am-3:00 pm

According to the Independent School Council’s (ISC) 2021 Census, 90,298 pupils were recorded as having SEND, compared to 75,012 in 2020. While 17% of all ISC pupils now require SEND support, 5.3% also have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) – and the importance of meeting the needs required as part of these plans has only heightened in light of the pandemic and its impact on learning and development opportunities.

With Ofsted reporting that many families have been waiting as long as two years to obtain support for their children’s learning needs, now more than ever schools must demonstrate their ability and pro-activeness in ensuring tailored approaches to the needs of every child.

All independent school staff, including senior leaders, teachers, and special and additional learning needs coordinators, have a responsibility to meet the needs of children and young people in their care, and at this interactive online training you will gain practical advice and guidance to effectively improve support for learners with SEND in your school.


Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate your school’s approach to SEND provision, and strategise how to make improvements
  • Review the key responsibilities of all school staff in ensuring quality SEND provision and adequate support for every learner
  • Learn how to make your curriculum more inclusive, and embed High Quality Teaching across your school
  • Examine the needs of learners with SEND in wider elements of school life including on school trips, extra-curricular activities and break and tutor times
  • Discuss with peers and learn about effective practice in other settings, and work together to overcome your challenges in delivering a quality learning experience for children with SEND


9:30 am
Login and Accessing Training Platform

*This training will run entirely via an online platform. Specific joining instructions and guidance will be provided to registered delegates

9:45 am
Trainer’s Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Note that all of today’s sessions will be interactive, and attendees will have regular opportunities to pose questions to the expert trainer, have their concerns heard, and leave the day equipped to develop and improve your whole-school approach to SEND Provision.

In this first session, participants will have the opportunity to share their key challenges, to help tailor the training through the day to your needs, and help you find solutions.

Each session through the day will encourage and allow time for questions and discussion.

10:00 am
Workshop 1: What Does It Mean to Take a Whole School Approach to SEND within an Independent School?

This session will explore the key challenges and opportunities for delivering a whole school approach to SEND, including:

  • Key responsibilities of leaders and governors to ensure your school is inclusive, communicative, and meets the needs of every learner with SEND
  • How to balance the need to deliver outstanding exam results across a school, while providing tailored teaching and assessment opportunities for learners with SEND
  • The role of the SENCO and inclusion leads in managing SEND provision, while working to ensure all staff are informed of good practice
  • Exploring how to ensure regular CPD opportunities for all teaching staff to improve their practice and provide a better classroom experience for children with SEND
11:15 am
Morning Break and Networking

Connect with other delegates to discuss common challenges via the virtual chat function.

11:35 am
Workshop 2: Embedding SEND Into Your Curriculum Planning

This session will provide advice and guidance for how SENCOs, Curriculum Leads and Teachers can work better together to improve teaching and learning in your school, ensuring children with SEND can access the full curriculum and thrive in the opportunities provided.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Guidance on how High Quality Teaching (HQT) can be practiced by every teacher
  • Discussion on how to adapt curriculum depth and breadth to ensure every learner with SEND can have a rich classroom experience and achieve exam success
  • Methods for group work and one-to-one interventions that can support different SEND needs, including with the help of teaching assistants and assistive technology
12:15 pm
Focused Discussion Session: What Works in Your Classroom?

During this session participants will be encouraged to share good practice from your education setting, including anecdotal evidence for what works to adapt to the needs of learners with SEND and provide a positive education experience.

Discuss how teams of teachers, teaching assistants, senior leaders and SENCOs work together in your school, and learn from others to consider how you can improve your practice.

12:40 pm
Top Tips for School Trips: Key Considerations for Your Pupils with SEND

This session will provide advice for how staff can ensure school trips are accessible and ensure a positive experience for pupils with SEND.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Important questions to ask parents and carers in advance
  • Understanding different overnight needs, including the emotional support that could be required for non-boarders, during a trip away
  • Points to check and discuss with staff at the location of the school trip, to ensure an inclusive environment
1:00 pm
Afternoon Break and Networking

Connect with other delegates to discuss common challenges via the virtual chat function.

1:50 pm
Workshop 3: Ensuring SEND Provision Across Wider School Activities

This session will broaden out considerations of SEND provision and help you plan how to implement a truly inclusive school experience.

  • Evaluate how inclusive your extra-curricular activities are, and how to incorporate the needs and interests of pupils with SEND
  • Gain methods for enhancing inclusivity during tutor time, and how this time can be used to effectively support children with SEND
  • Consider the needs of SEND learners during break-time, and changes you can make to enhance inclusivity during this time
2:35 pm
Focused Discussion Session: Overcoming Your Challenges  

In this session you’ll have the opportunity to pose any final questions to the expert trainer, particularly around key challenges you face in your school to implement SEND provision.

Consider learnings through the day and what you can take back to school and discuss with colleagues to work through difficulties together, and hear from fellow training participants about how they plan to work on overcoming challenges in other schools.

2:50 pm
Summary and Key Takeaways

This final session from the expert trainer will provide an overview of the day’s learnings and provide a reminder of key changes to implement in your school.

3:00 pm
Training Evaluation and Close

*Programme subject to change