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Andrew Warrington

Council Member - CIHT

Andy is a Regional Director for Highways at Arcadis and a Chartered Civil Engineer with 25 years’ experience.

Andy is currently a technical advisor for Highways England and for infrastructure PPP/PFI/DBFO projects in UK and Europe. Andy has also delivered asset management led service reviews with local highway authorities and developed the Code of Practice “Well Managed Highway Infrastructure”.

Previously Andy spent 20 years leading local highway departments including Director Highways at Nottinghamshire County Council, delivering transformation, procurement and delivering customer focussed local highway service.

Andy is a member of ADEPT, Council Member of CIHT, Chair ICE East Midlands in 2019/20 and in 2014/2015, ICE Transport Expert Panel, CIHT Asset Management and Procurement panels, and Chair CIHT Midlands 2013/2015.