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Chris Lees

Technical Director - OSCRE International

Chris has spent 30 years in technology and 25 years in real estate. He is passionate about the role and value data can play in today’s information-enabled world. Blending his background in mathematics (in which he holds an MA from Cambridge University), music (playing piano and guitar), tenacity (most recently tested in his endurance running) and curiosity, Chris constantly seeks opportunities to innovate operational models for organizational and individual benefit.

He is an award-winning public speaker, Technical Director at OSCRE, a teaching Faculty Member of the OSCRE Academy, trustee of the Dementia Forward charity, advises North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group on young people’s mental health services, is an endurance event group athletics coach, published expert on Corporate Real Estate Occupancy and author of “The Anatomy of Occupancy Analytics”, and consults independently as Serendipity29.