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D Wright

SafeLives Pioneer - SafeLives

I currently work for the emergency services as well as being a Safelives Pioneer. I was brought up in DA and also experienced and witnessed it from very early on in my life, into my teens and later when I was abused by boyfriends. Through my own experiences I have seen first hand the impact DA has on a child throughout their entire lives and how much it can effect their Mental Health, self esteem, confidence as well as how easy it is to get involved in Substance Misuse, DA relationships etc. I was sexually abused by a perpetrator who knew that I was from a broken home and he preyed on my vulnerabilities. I now work in a role where I deal with domestics for 70% of the jobs I attend in the emergency services and I try and use my own experiences to help better others lives. Due to having lived experience of DA, I have great empathy and sympathy for DA/SA victims and their children and I will do everything I can in my power to help them.