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Lydia Dunford

Solicitor - Boyes Turner LLP

Lydia is an experienced solicitor in the niche area of special educational needs.

Her experience includes all stages of the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process, from requesting an EHC Needs Assessment, advising on local authority refusals to assess or issue/amend an EHCP, amending draft EHCPs, appealing final EHCPs, and preparing for and attending annual reviews and meetings with schools and local authorities. She represents clients at the SEND Tribunal, including Health and Social Care national trial appeals, and often works collaboratively with schools and local authorities. She has experience of complex appeals and case manages them from beginning to end, securing significant packages of education and social care support.

Lydia is asked to speak on SEN matters and provide training and website content for experts, case managers, local authorities, schools and the health and social care sector, on topics such as ‘What is Section F of an EHCP’.

Lydia is a member of the Education Law Association.