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Michelle Stratton

Subject Lead for English - Queen Katharine Academy

Michelle Stratton is the Subject Leader of the award-winning English department at Queen Katharine Academy where she leads an ambitious and aspiring team. Under Michelle’s leadership the team have been awarded the TES English Team of the Year 2021 award for their delivery of a ‘multi-layered approach in bringing texts to life for students, as well as the uniqueness of the curriculum and the ways in which diversity in literature is strongly embedded’ (TES Judges). The team were also shortlisted for the Bernice McCabe Award and were highly commended by the PTI for their work on the growth in their KS5 provision and social mobility. Michelle grew up in Peterborough in a single parent illiterate household, a fact that drives her to ensure that all her students are given every opportunity to be successful and reach their full potential regardless of their starting points. She continues to live in Peterborough with her husband and three children: a first-generation university graduate, an autistic gamer and one child in reception just starting her educational journey.