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Stephen John

Regional Campaign Manager - England - Royal Mencap Society

Although Stephen first worked with people with a learning disability in 1997, he joined Mencap in 2009 and has been in the campaigns team since 2013, becoming the regional campaign manager in 2015. Stephen, along with his colleagues and other campaigners, has worked tirelessly to ensure that people with a learning disability have equality. Since 2017 Stephen has worked on the Treat me well campaign and has led the regional work to ensure equal healthcare. The work undertaken and relationships made proved essential when the COVID pandemic hit and allowed Mencap to challenge the immediate health inequality that was apparent. Stephen and his team led the 2021 childrens campaign at Mencap which focused on the key aspects of diagnosis and support ( 0-5 yrs) and the Transitions in hospital resource launch. Stephen does not consider himself an expert on learning disability as he does not have lived experience but does consider himself experienced in helping to ensure that peoples voices are heard.