What We Do

We take great pride in serving our public and voluntary sector communities through hubs that provide events, training courses, resources and insights. It is our aim to facilitate growth, development, innovation and efficiency in the implementation of public policy and delivery of public services.

We work with experienced individuals and key organisations to provide a range of resources and materials that ensure our communities are kept up to date on the latest policy developments
We gain sector insights from within our communities through focus groups, surveys, polls and research calls
We collaborate with key stakeholders to create the award-winning public sector events our communities are looking for
All our events are thoroughly researched and have several checkpoints of validation, including with potential attendees, speakers and supporters
We are constantly updating and refreshing our bank of resources to ensure they are informed by the latest policy developments and meet the evolving needs of the sectors we represent

Working at Inside Government

We are a modern, dynamic company that is constantly pushing for innovative ways to effectively serve our public sector and voluntary sector communities. Through our team of dedicated and passionate individuals, we seek to provide the best content pieces and award-winning public sector events our communities are looking for, to enable them to better implement public policy initiatives and efficiently deliver public services.


We are a hard-working team, split into two main functions: Programme and Marketing. Our Programme Team are responsible for research, event creation, content piece production and building relationships with key speakers and organisations. Our Marketing Team bring our offerings to our relevant communities including conferences, forums, training courses and content pieces in a variety of different ways.


Our Programme and Marketing functions are broken down further into sector specialist teams, who each represent the communities they are most passionate about through our Sector Hubs. With specific knowledge around relevant policy and marketing activity based on behavioural insights, our sector teams are perfectly placed to deliver the updates, events and resources our core audiences are looking for.


We are also very passionate about rewarding hard work and performance. We work closely with our staff from their first day to train and develop them in their roles. Where possible, we are always looking to grow our staff into more senior roles and promote from within at every opportunity, entrusting our staff with more responsibility to contribute as they grow.


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What Do Previous Employees Think?

Inside Government was a great place to work. The team really feels like a family and the work instills you with the importance of time management, relationship building with key stakeholders and the ability to think on your feet when things don't go to plan. My experience has been valuable in helping me secure future job roles including senior researcher at a think tank and policy advisor for MHCLG.
Beth, Programme Assistant - Inside Government
Inside Government is an incredibly social and supportive environment. Especially as a woman, I found my fellow co-workers constantly lift each other up and support each other in amazing ways. The vast amount of skills I learned whilst working in the marketing team have led me to become a board member of a charity, working as their communications manager. A year after leaving, I am still good friends with my former colleagues and will always look back on my time at Inside Government fondly.
Hannah Dirks, Marketing Assistant - Inside Government
Inside Government was a great place to work as a first job in the public policy space. It gave me the opportunity to understand how different policy areas interrelated, to build a diverse and rich network of public sector contacts and to develop a sense of ownership over ca. 100 different events. Of equal importance, I have remained in contact with several members of what was a very friendly and energetic team.
Christian Fitzhugh, Senior Programme Manager - Inside Government
IG provided some of the most valuable opportunities in my career so far and gave me skillsets that have proven crucial to my subsequent roles. IG is a fun, diverse and dynamic place to work that encourages innovation while safeguarding an excellent work/life balance - which I have since missed. Most importantly of all, it gave me several friends for life!
Dan Peacock, Programme Manager - Inside Government
Inside Government is a co-operative and supportive place to work which encourages its employees to learn and develop. I was constantly supported to develop my policy research skills through a range of opportunities and given the freedom to make a mark from day one.
Harrison Coldray, Research Manager - Inside Govenrment
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Inside Government. I have gained a valuable experience in my time with the company, both in developing programmes and project management. I have also enormously enjoyed my time working with an amazing group of creative individuals, who put their hard work and enthusiasm into each event.
Joanna Strumilowska, Senior Programme Manager - Inside Government
Inside Government is a thoroughly professional and dynamic company that combines fast-paced, independent work with an excellent working environment. I felt supported and engaged throughout my time with the company and enjoyed working on a large range of projects, many of which gave me essential skills I still use day to day. I would recommend inside government, both for the quality of its conferences and for the stimulating working environment it fosters.
William Paul, Programme Assistant - Inside Government
Inside Government provided the invaluable opportunity to improve my knowledge and interest in the public policy sphere of the UK Government through facilitating in-depth research and networking with senior contacts. We were encouraged to innovate and develop skills which have benefited me throughout my career since. Not only this, but the office environment is supportive and collaborative, plus the colleagues are fun and friends for life!
Morgan Flack, Programme Manager - Inside Government

Our Culture

We have a modern, flexible culture with hard work and reward at the centre of everything we do. We are a social, friendly team, with collaboration and teamwork both key company values of ours which contribute to a positive and upbeat working environment. Our base is an office in Victoria, Central London, where we all sit across one open floor. However, all staff are equipped with Laptops to facilitate flexible, mobile working, as we aim to encourage positive, healthy work-life balances.

Performance and hard work are something we are very keen to recognise and reward. We have several incentive schemes in place including bonuses, time-off and flexible working hours. These are supplemented by wider annual company events such as sports days, summer parties, Christmas parties and an off-site work conference – bringing together all staff to combine our ideas and create a vision for the future of the organisation. We have a social committee with a specific budget tasked with organising and overseeing these, which we encourage members of staff to be part of.

Alongside these, we have various other social activities in and outside of work, such as a work football team, book club, a weekly quiz and a Friday drinks trolley, designed to help unwind and end the week on a positive note, and help to align ourselves with our company values and create a positive, sociable and fun work culture.

Meet the Team

Inside Government is a team of talented, experienced marketing, research and contents professionals who are passionate about providing the latest news and insights across the public policy and voluntary landscape.

Yoav Zand

Managing Director

Steven Everett

Head of Division

Latifu Mumuni

Head of Marketing

Tim Durden

Head of Content

Lauren Powell

Portfolio Lead - Education & Criminal Justice

Libby Smith

Marketing Manager - Education & Criminal Justice

Callum Clark

Portfolio Lead - Higher Education, Further Education & Voluntary Sector
Rob Christie

Rob Christie

Marketing Manager - Higher Education, Further Education & Voluntary Sector

Bailey Bidnall

Programme Executive - Housing

Georgia Moloney

Marketing Executive

James Somerville

Programme Executive - Health, Local & Central Gov

Libby Davies

Programme Assistant - Voluntary Sector

Emily Harland

Delegate Acquisition Team

Ella Moore

Delegate Acquisition Team


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