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In the November 2020 National Statistics report on Women in the Criminal Justice System, it was reported that, while women only ...
With the Domestic Abuse Bill having now received royal assent and been signed into law, Aaron Gates-Lincoln, Writer for Immigration ...

Upcoming Events

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Public Sector Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Public Sector Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Central & Local GovernmentCriminal JusticeHealth & Social CareVoluntary
Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing: The Role of Blue Light Services

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing: The Role of Blue Light Services

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Annual Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Forum

Annual Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Forum

Criminal Justice
Offender Management Conference 2021

Offender Management Conference 2021

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Online Conference: The National Workplace Health & Wellbeing Conference

Online Conference: The National Workplace Health & Wellbeing Conference

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NEW BLOG - Offender Rehabilitation and Reintegration: Ensuring the Safety of Older Prisoners through a Pandemic

Paul Grainge, Chief Officer at Recoop, works to promotes the care, resettlement and rehabilitation of older prisoners, offenders and ex-offenders, particularly the over-50s. Here he explores what this means for the COVID-era, and the measures required to keep this demographic safe.
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The event was highly relevant to my area of work and provided a very useful opportunity for networking with other professionals and suppliers.
Deputy DirectorDeputy Director - CCMD, Ministry of Justice
A useful event with knowledgeable speakers and a real opportunity to engage and look at each others practice.
Prevention of Serious and Violent Crime Project ManagerPrevention of Serious and Violent Crime Project Manager - Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Cleveland
I really enjoyed this event, the speakers were informative and had just the right amount of time to put updates and ideas forward. The chance to network with other practitioners and the speakers is always welcome and in these events is always a nice amount of time. I really liked the interactive panel work it really made me think outside my remit.
CJ Operational ManagerCJ Operational Manager - Thames Valley Police
Very informative with a good and diverse range of topic areas. Extremely useful for my own organisation's development.
CEOCEO - Choices Domestic Abuse Service
The event was relevant, engaging and informative. Opportunities to network with speakers were really useful and there was an excellent mix of presentations, all of which were well put together and delivered.
London Regional ManagerLondon Regional Manager - Crimestoppers
This was a thought provoking and interesting event with the range of speakers demonstrating the importance of collaborative working required between and across organisations to provide good health services in prisons.
Head of Engagement, Reconfiguration ProjectHead of Engagement, Reconfiguration Project - HMPPS
Very informative day, good speakers. Lots of time to respond to questions asked by the audience. It was good to have a both commissioning and strategic insight along side practical examples of actions being delivered.
Commissioning OfficerCommissioning Officer - Sheffield City Council
I have learnt so much from attending this event and it has given me the opportunity to link in with other services within my area.
Project ManagerProject Manager - Society of St James
I thought that the event gave a balanced view of a system that is looking for new opportunities to tackle re-offending and to change lives. There were a number of interesting positive and negative aspects to the introduction of Transforming Rehabilitation and a realisation of the challenges and opportunities if we get this right. Overall, a constructive day.
CIC Managing Director,CIC Managing Director, - Northamptonshire Police
A useful event with some interesting speakers sharing insights on relevant topics. I liked the venue and the food was very good!
OPCC Policy Officer - Criminal JusticeOPCC Policy Officer - Criminal Justice - Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey
The prison management event was a fantastic opportunity to network and make connections as well as keep informed on practice and policy within the prison service.
Founder of Beyond Recovery	Founder of Beyond Recovery - Beyond Recovery CIC
Really interesting day with very good informative speakers covering a wide range of issues relating to prison management. Great networking time. I've already been in touch with 2 people I met on the day and found out more about the organisations they work for and how we might link up in the future. Great conference. Would definitely attend future events.
Humankind Service Manager - Integrated Offender ManagementHumankind Service Manager - Integrated Offender Management - Humankind
A thought provoking and engaging event sharing several examples of positive practice (of offender healthcare).
Principal Clinical Psychologist	Principal Clinical Psychologist - Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust