28 Apr, 20229:15 am-4:00 pm
Online Training

Almost a third of older people experience a fall every year, with 5% of these falls leading to a fracture and hospitalisation, at an estimated cost of £435 million to the NHS.

According to Age UK, the restrictions put in place due to Covid-19 have had a significant impact on cognitive ability for older people, resulting in a loss of mobility and an increased risk of falls. There has been growing emphasis on preventing and supporting older people at risk of falls, resulting in CQC publishing Covid-19 guidance for professionals operating within adult social care to support elderly people who have suffered a fall. With elderly people more isolated and immobile than ever before, and the NHS struggling to meet surging demand, it is crucial that the health and social care, voluntary and local government sectors have effective fall prevention methods in place.

Join this one-day interactive training course on Preventing Falls in Older People to learn how to create and embed effective fall prevention strategies. Featuring group collaboration sessions and practical workshops, this course analyses the key areas of effective falls prevention plans, including evaluating the causes of falls, multifactorial assessments, and personalised interventions. In a highly interactive day, you will work together with peers to produce effective strategies for managing falls and create a tailored fall prevention strategy to implement in your organisation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and implement the updated NICE and related national guidance
  • Engage with the process of multifactorial assessment and intervention
  • Learn how to prevent falls among older people with delirium and dementia
  • Work on a real-life scenario to learn how to effectively report and respond to falls
  • Create a successful fall prevention strategy for primary and secondary care


9:15 am
Logging on and Accessing the Platform
9:30 am
Trainer's Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives
Professor Cameron Swift
Professor Cameron Swift
Consultant Physician
King's College London
9:45 am
Identifying and Managing Delirium in Older People to Prevent Falls
  • Analysing how falls are significantly more likely to occur for older people experiencing delirium, particularly for people with dementia
  • Understanding the key indicators of delirium and how to effectively treat and manage delirium in older people
  • Discussing how fall prevention intervention should be tailored for older people with delirium
  • Developing multifactorial assessments for older people with delirium
  • Implementing and delivering effective strategies to prevent falls among older people with delirium
Dr Louis Koizia
Dr Louis Koizia
Consultant Physician and Geriatrician
Imperial College NHS Trust
10:30 am
10:45 am
Understanding and Implementing the NICE Falls Quality Standard and National Audit Guidance
  • Understanding the development of national guidance on falls prevention, including the NICE Guideline and Quality Standard and the latest National Audit of Inpatient Falls Report, May 2021
  • Analysing the updates to national guidelines and audit and the impact these will have on different settings.
  • Evaluating the evidence behind an effective falls prevention service and understanding what works and why
  • Reviewing the recommended pathways for community and hospital settings
  • Learning the key factors in developing, implementing and maintaining an effective falls prevention service
Professor Cameron Swift
Professor Cameron Swift
Consultant Physician
King's College London
11:45 am
Integrated Falls Prevention And Organisational Collaboration
  • Constructing an effective falls pathway
  • Ensuring cross-disciplinary networks
  • Avoiding deconditioning
Ed Tank
Ed Tank
Clinical Lead Physiotherapist
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
12:30 pm
1:15 pm
Environmental, teamwork and human factors strategies for inpatient prevention and management
  • Effective risk identification – moving on from “risk factor lists”
  • Defining and implementing successful patient-centred and environmental strategies
  • Learning and benefitting from root cause analysis following an inpatient fall
Carrie Tyler
Carrie Tyler
Falls Clinical Nurse Specialist
Mid and South Essex Services NHS Trust
2:00 pm
Afternoon Break
2:15 pm
Creating a successful and comprehensive falls prevention strategy

Interactive Breakout Groups Session

  • Discuss with other delegates and share knowledge, opportunities and challenges between services
  • Strategic core-component planning to reduce the number, cost and impact of falls in your service.
  • Engagement of key stakeholders to ensure your strategy is understood and supported
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to networking services and maximising referrals
  • Using national and local audit to drive progress
  • Creating a falls prevention action plan in line with National standards to take back to your organisation
Professor Cameron Swift
Professor Cameron Swift
Consultant Physician
King's College London
3:15 pm
Group Feedback, Plenary Discussion
Professor Cameron Swift
Professor Cameron Swift
Consultant Physician
King's College London
4:00 pm
Summary, evaluation and close.

*Programme Subject to Change